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About us

AAA Computers has been the leader in server products, computing and networking since 1996. We pride ourselves in providing superior server design at competitive costs. Our servers help individuals, companies and organizations to provide more efficient work with a higher ROI for products and services. AAA Computers has met these challenges with ingenuity and innovative solutions to reduce costs, decreased time-to-market, and deliver consistent quality. With nearly 22 years of design, manufacturing and logistics experience, AAA Computers can be counted on as your trusted technology partner for today and in the future.

AAA Computers is a system integrator that offers a broad line of server products including Rackmount Servers, Blades Servers, Data Center Solutions, Storage Server, Embedded Servers, Cloud Server, GPU systems and Workstation. AAA continuously strives to build an Excellent Team by demonstrating our effectiveness as a performance oriented system integrator and helping customers find the best ways to meet their most crucial server needs.

AAA Computers is a leading provider of innovative and custom designed workstations, servers, clusters, storage, and personal computers. We are the premier provider of advanced, custom-configured server and storage solutions AAA Computers is uniquely positioned to offer the broadest spectrum of high performance computing solutions, all of them completely customizable to meet your needs - far beyond anything you can get from any other solution provider. Ready-to-go AAA Computers HPC solutions deliver significant price/performance advantages, and increased IT agility, which accelerates your business and research outcomes. AAA Computers extensive customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Founded in 1996, AAA Computers is based in Fremont, California and is privately held.

We offer complete support on all our products with in-house warranty to on-site service. Our Technical staff is knowledgeable and quick enough to help you with the fast changing technology. We hope to assist your business with its technology needs today and tomorrow!

AAA Computers offers a wide variety of engineering capabilities and has delivered products for the Datacenter industry that include rack mounted servers, fully integrated racks. We provide a systems level perspective to solve complex data center problems using innovative design and latest engineering techniques. Our team of experts stays dedicated to learning and implementing the latest platforms, which provides our customers with access and knowledge to the best setup for their needs.

Who We Are

We are a team of computing professionals with more than 22 years of experience.


  • Team. Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of the state-of-the-art methods and tools. It is made possible by years of experience in the field, constant training, and exposure to modern computing systems.
  • Expertise. We have an established track record of high-quality research in computing software, system administration, and hardware configuration. Our knowledge includes parallel processors, accelerators, interconnects, storage, and software tools for modern scientific computing.
  • Equipment. Our department has access to the latest models of processors, networking equipment, memory and storage.
  • Passionate. AAA Teams are passionate to provide server solutions and high level of service to our customers.
  • Focus. We focus on being responsive to our customer’s needs by providing nimble, flexible, customized solutions.
  • Fast Turn Around. At AAA, you can be confident that you're getting the best server solutions at a fast turnaround time.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Our Team believes that satisfied customers are vital to AAA's success. We aim to attain total customer satisfaction at all times by delivering a wide range of quality and reliable Rackmount Servers, Storage Systems and Services.

What we do.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

The AAA Team intensively focused in bringing your business to the next level. AAA leverages strong technology partnerships and visibility into product roadmaps to choose components with long lifecycles, thus allowing customers to standardize a platform for an extended period of time. The AAA Team will closely manage this process. We provide calculated recommendations on required components, as well as timely, accurate visibility, control of critical product information and processes at every stage in the product lifecycle. With our complete Product Life-Cycle Management solutions, our experienced team can manage every aspect of your product portfolio, services and fulfilment.

  • Custom Branding

AAA offers the highest level of customization. We will work with you to achieve your desired branding and appearance of your unique systems. If you need a highly customized look for your servers, the AAA Team will deliver.

With branding options ranging from custom Bezel design to custom colors and full-bezel graphics, Packaging, Label & Logos, Chassis and even Product Documentations - “You name it, we will deliver it!”

  • Asset Tagging

AAA offers the complete asset tagging and barcoding service.

  • Datacenter Services
  • Logistics solutions. International shipping and custom clearance
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